News - 2018


17. November
Big Congrats to Sonam Kushner and Mia!!! ��
Mia moved up as a Special today.
She got Select, for a 5 pts major- towards the 25 pts needed for her GCH!!!
And her 1st major

16. November
I am proud to present Rogell's first American Champion
Rogell's La Vie en Rose "Mia"
(Falamandus Sir-Kick-A-Lot & Sa-Ris Of Vilzonky)
A Big Congrats to her Owner: Sonam Kushner

In Norway
Judge: Tuula Platan
Intermedial clas dog: Rogell`s U-Like-Wind: # 1, Excellent and CQ
Veteran clas dog:
Charan-Jit Rogell Kuo Yarlung Namtso: Excellent, CQ, 2. Best veteran and 4. Best Male
Veteran clas female: Rogell`s Yum-Chen-Mo: Excl, CQ, 2. Best Veteran and 3. Best Female

12. and 13. October
Rogell's La Vie en Rose
On the Sat. she got BW & BOBOH- for her third major.
On Sun. she got WB & BOS from the classes- for her fourth major.

Owner: Sonam Kushner

I England
Rogell's Zesty Lady Cloudbuster "Flo"
BOB Puppy & 2. BIG
Eier: Antonio Skaboullos

September 22 and 23. 2018
What a weekend it has been for Rogell Kennel
In the United States:
Rogell's La Vie and Rose "Mia" BOS from the classes,
BOBOH, OHG2 ... & 3pts for her second major.
Congratulations to Sonam Kushner
In England:
Rogell's Zesty Lady Cloudbuster "Flo"
1st puppy bitch & best bitch puppy.
Congratulations to Antonio Skaboullos
Home in Norway:
Shadeacre Juicy Couture "Winnie" : 2 x BOB Puppy,
Charan-Jit Rogell Kuo Namtso: 2 x BOB and 2 x BOB Veteran and 2. Best in Group 9 on Saturday
We had a double show with rain, storm, snow and cold here in Norway
It is good that it was the last show outdoors in Norway this year

September 16, 2018
Rogell's Zesty Lady Cloudbuster "Flo"
Best puppy in breed & reserve best of Breed,
puppy group 2, best utility reserve Bob stakes
and 2nd in puppy bitch stakes
Congratulations to Antonio Skaboullos

September 6, 2018
Non-Sporting Group Club in Bridgewater,
NJ. BOS from the classes, & our first points with a 3 pt Major

Judge: Mrs. Linda Tilka
Owner: Sonam Kushner


Judge: Gunilla Skallman
Rogell`s Victory-Player: CQ, BOB
Rogell`s Angeliqa: CQ, CAC, BOS

Steinkjær Hundeklubb
Judge: Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster
Rogell`s Always Run To you: BOB

Rogell`s Victory-Player: CQ, 2 BM
Rogell`s Angeliqa: CQ, 2 BB

September 1st
Rogell's Victim of The Kick
Best In Show

Owner: Sue Plank
Judge: Barry Thomas

Rogell's Saga

Owner: Jorunn Almendingen Hansen
BOB Puppy

Day #1:
Judge: Hans Almgren
Shadeacre Juicy Couture: BOB Puppy

Rogell`s U-Like-Wind: CQ, 3 BM
Ba-Re For Rogell's Ebrosedition: CQ,CAC, 4 BM og Norwegian and Swedish Champion

Charan-Jit Rogell Kuo Yarlung Namtso: CQ, 1. Veteran 1.BM og BOB / BOB Veteran,
shortlisted in BIS Veteran

Rogell`s Angeliqa: Excellent, 3. Best Junior
Rogell`s Yum-Chen-Mo: CQ, 1.Veteran og 2. BB, og BOS Veteran

Day #2:
Judge: Vincent O`Brien
Shadeacre Juicy Couture: BOB Puppy og BIG 4

Rogell`s U-Like-Wind: CQ 2. BM

Rogell`s Shadow Gold: CQ. 2. Ch.Class, 4 BM

Charan-Jit Rogell Kuo Yarlung Namtso: CQ, 1.Veteran 1.BM og BOB / BOB Veteran,
shortlisted in group 9 and
4. BIS Veteran:
Judge: Michael Leonard
Rogell`s Angeliqa: Excellent, 3 Best junior
Rogell`s Yum-Chen-Mo: CQ, 1.Veteran, 1.BB, BOS og BOS Veteran

Rogells Breeder Group: Honors Award and BOB Breeder


So proud of my puppy buyers!
While I was in Amsterdam, they were at the Puppyshow in Norway.

Rogell`s All For The Glory "Tilda"
became BIR / BOB at Follo Dog Club, Owners: Toril Fidje and Stein Fidje

Rogell`s A Rock Legend "Lucifer"
was in Mo i Rana. Day 1: BIR / BOB
Day 2: BIR / BOB, BIG1 and BIS2, Owners: Kay Ronny Haugli & Cecilie Solli

9.-10. og 12. August

Day #1
Benelux Winner Show
Multi BIS/Ch.Charan-jit Rogell Kuo Yarlung Namtso
Veteran CAC,
Benelux Veteran Winner
Rogell`s Victory-Player: Excellent in Junior Class
Rogell`s Angeliqa: Excellent in Junior Class

Day #2
WDS Club Special 2018
Multi BIS/Ch.Charan-jit Rogell Kuo Yarlung Namtso:
Veteran CAC, Veteran Winner

Day #3
Rogell`s Angeliqa: Excellent in a big junior class

3rd August
Rogell's Victim of The Kic
Best In Show


NKK-International Show in Trondheim

Judge: Tatjana Urek

Junior class: Rogell`s Victory-Player: Excl, CQ CAC, 3 Best male and Qualified for Crufts 2019
intermediate class: Rogell`s U-Like-Wind: Excl, CQ
Veteran class: Charan-Jit Rogell Kuo yarlung Namtso: Excl, CQ, BOB/BIR Veteran, Best male and BOB/BIR and shortlisted in Group 9

Open class: Sa-ris Od Vilzonky : Excl, CQ, Best Open bitch
Veteran class: Rogell's Yum-Chen-Mom-chen-mo : Excl, CQ, BOS/BIM Veteran

Rogell kennel: Honors Award and BOB Breeder Clas


Tibetan Dog show 2018

Rogell`s Zam-Boni= BOB/BIR and 2. Best In Show. Big Congrats to: Anniken S Volden
Rogell`s Victory-Player=Excl, CQ CAC, 4. BM og BOS/BIM Junior. Big Congrats to: Monica Williksen
Rogell`s U-Like-Wind= Excl, CQ Res, CAC. Big Congrats to: Mari Konstad Haanæs and Rolf Høiseth
Charan- Jit Rogell Kuo Yarlung Namtso= Excl, CQ, Best Male, BOB/BIR, Best Veteran and BOB/BIR Veteran.
2. Best In Show Veteran and 3. Best In Show

Rogell`s Angeliqa=BOS/BIM, Big Congrats to Co`Owner:Hanne Holt
Rogell`s Yum-Chen-Mo: Excl, CQ, 3. Best female, BOS/BIM Veteran. Big Congrats to Co`Owner: Torild Pauline Berg
Thank you som much to Judge: Anca Diana Giura
And to BIS/BIS Veteran Judge: Tatjana Urek

Orkdal Hundeklubb

Judge: Nicola Imbimbo
Puppy: Rogell`s Angeliqa: Beste Tispe, BIR og 3. BIG
Junior: Rogell`s U-Like-Wind: Excl. CK, CERT, 1 BH og BIM
Veteran: Rogell`s Yum-Chen-Mo: Excl. CK, 1. BT og BIR og BIR Veteran

Bichon Havanese
Judge: John Muldoon
Impression Of Silk: Excl. CQ, CAC og 3. BB


Roskilde Nordic show
Sa-Ris Od Wilzonky
Judge: Leni Finne
CAC, res. Nordic CAC and 2 BB

New Champion
Rogell`s Shadow Gold

Owners: Turid Bratli og Frode Fossum

Sunndal Hundeklubb
Dommer: Adam Ostrowski
Ba-Re For Rogells Erbosedition
1. BM and BOB

Rogell`s Victory-Player
CQ,CAC and 3. BM

Rogell`s Angeliqa
Best puppy bitch and BOS

Rogell`s U-Like-Wind
3. BM with CQ and CAC


Norsk Spanielklubb
Rogell`s Angeliqa: BIR
Rogell`s Zam-Boni: BIM
Gratulerer til eier: Anniken Volden
Dommer: Vanja Sliwa

Rogell`s Angeliqa:

Rogell`s Heike
Best I Rasen

NKK-Bø i Telemark
Rogell`s Victory-Player

Første gang ut blandt de voksne
Excellent, 1. Juniorklasse med CK og 4. Beste hanne, med Res. CERT
Dommer: Gunilla Skallmann
Eiet av Monica Williksen og handlet av Trude Fjærli


Norsk Puddel klubb
Rogell`s Angeliqa

Tusen takk til Dommer: Monika Halmi